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Inrax Documentation and Support Files

This page contains all Inrax documentation and support files which may be freely downloaded.

In order to view the main PDF documents, you will need to have Acrobat Reader (version 4.0 or later) installed on your computer. If you are unsure whether you already have Acrobat Reader, try downloading the document first and see whether you can view it by double clicking on the downloaded file. If this fails, follow this link and install Acrobat Reader before trying to view the downloaded document again: Get Acrobat Reader

User Manual

This comprehensive document provides:
  • an introduction to the features and concepts of Inrax
  • step by step instructions for getting started - essential for initial configuration
  • detailed descriptions of all the common activities you will perform
  • a full reference for all Inrax functionality
   Download User Manual

Inrax PowerPoint Presentation

A set of slides highlighting the main features of Inrax.

   Download Presentation

Sample XML Import Files

   Stock Group XML Import File
   Stock Item XML Import File
   Stock Journal XML Import File
   Organisation XML Import File
   Web Page XML Import File
   Sales Order Transaction XML Import File
   Payment Received Transaction XML Import File
   General Transaction XML Import File

Inrax Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

All Inrax client web sites use a cascading style sheet to control layout and appearance. The CSS is assigned in the Web Site editor window. Please use the following file for this purpose and add any additional style instructions you may have to the end of the file. Be aware that this file may change between Inrax releases in which case your own CSS will need to be updated. There is a separate CSS file for mobile versions of Inrax web sites.

   Inrax Cascading Style Sheet
   Inrax Mobile Cascading Style Sheet

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