Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce
Inrax is a powerful business accounting application that is run as an application service. This means that we take care of the technology, security and backup and you run your business from wherever you choose. Click on the headings below to read more detail on Inrax accounting features. Also see our screenshots and documentation.
Accounting online
Inrax online accounting allows you access to your business accounts anywhere with security.
Full featured accounting
Fully featured accounts with Sales, Purchase and General ledgers and order entry.
Work smart
Inrax accounting works hard to minimise the number of keystrokes or rekeying of data within the accounting processes.
Inrax notifies counterparties of transactions automatically by print or email.
Transaction Data Mining
Pull up transactions for chosen counterparties, stock, accounts and other data, quickly and easily.
Comprehensive reporting
Comprehensive reporting with PDF, Excel and other file export options.
Upload documents and files
Upload documents for your accountant or bookkeeper, or just for online backup.
XML support
Import your existing data in XML files. Export it too.
Templates and inheritance
The use of template organisations and inheritance simplifies the setup of new Inrax organisations.