Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce


Meier Pollard can offer you incentives as a recognised affiliate who introduces clients to Inrax or generates business for us via a link placed on your web site. An affiliate would typically be an accounting practice, consulting practice, a book keeping service or the organiser of a cooperative of linked businesses. The advantages to an affiliate include:
  • Preferential subscription rates for clients you bring to Inrax.
  • A say in the direction in which Inrax develops. By virtue of the automatic software updates, new releases can and do occur frequently.
  • Free template organisations from which client organisations can inherit setup details. Much administration can be done at the template level rather than in each individual business, for example allowing an accounts hierarchy to be defined just once. Templates can be used to control the level of access given to client organisations. Templates also allow the sharing of customer and supplier details amongst several businesses, for example amongst a cooperative of local farm businesses.

If interested, please contact us.