Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Client Prices

Inrax is provided as a service, hosted by Meier Pollard and accessible to you via the Inrax client software. The service is charged as a flat monthly fee, payable by Standing Order. There are no separate "modules" to purchase, all functionality is included, regardless of your price option; the exception is a charge per web site. There is no tie in period unless you opt for a managed service (see below). There is no charge per seat / user, all options have unlimited users.

Licence Option /
(ex. VAT)
Max. Transactions
Per Month*
Max. Stock Items Max. Disk Space** Support***
Entry Level £25.00
per month
100 100 20M 10 incidents
per year
Low Volume £50.00
per month
1,000 10,000 500M Full
Medium Volume £75.00
per month
2,500 20,000 1G Full
Enterprise Level 1 £120.00
per month
5,000 50,000 2G Full
Enterprise Level 2 £200.00
per month
10,000 100,000 5G Full
Enterprise Level 3 £300.00
per month
20,000 200,000 10G Full

* Maximum Transactions Per Month
One transaction is an Order, Goods In/Out/Returned, Invoice, Payment, Credit Note or General transaction. A Resource Use report is available to view the number of transactions and other metrics.

** Maximum Disk Space
Under normal use an organisation with up to 50,000 stock items and up to 2,500 transactions a month for a year will not exceed 10M disk space. However, Inrax also supports uploading of documents and hence this limit is specified. The Resource Use report may be run to view disk space currently used.

*** Support
We endeavour to respond to all email requests on the same (working) day. The two lower price bands are limited to 10 support incidents a year.

Following a switch to a higher price band you may not switch back to a lower band within 12 months of use.

Web Site Pricing / eCommerce

The following table shows our prices per Inrax web site. These are in addition to the price of the service described above:

Web Site Price
(ex. VAT)
Up to 2G bandwidth per (peak) month,
Low Volume level and above
per month
Over 2G bandwidth per (peak) month £5.00 per
additional 1G per month

Managed Service Option

Find a full description of this service on our Managed Service page. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote.

Bespoke Development

Meier Pollard welcome requests you may have for bespoke development work on the Inrax product. We will generally quote a fixed price for work and may need to charge for analysis for more complex requirements.