Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce
See our client list for examples of web shops developed using and powered by Inrax. Inrax is a truly online system with the web shop and back end accounts / stock systems fully integrated as a single system. This is vital to ensure orders update your business system immediately and to ensure you have total control over what products are on offer, their prices and stock availability. Read more details by clicking on the headings below.
Online payments
Inrax supports secure online payments by credit or debit card.
Inrax ecommerce
Inrax web pages help to define the ecommerce product catalogue.
Inrax designers and users
Inrax facilitates a separation of roles between professional designers and non technical users.
No need to load stock into the shop
In Inrax stock control, back office, and the web store are one and the same system.
Multiple web stores or shopping carts
One business can run multiple webstores against one back office.
Policy on notification and stockouts
You define how customers are notified about progress of their order. You decide whether to accept orders for which you hold no stock.
Handling and delivery charges
Inrax supports flexible handling & delivery charges, calculated at point of order.
Secure transactions
Inrax supports secure gathering of customer and order data.
Product search
As you would expect, Inrax includes a product search facility for web sites.
Mailing list
Inrax supports mailing list functionality.
Discount Vouchers
Run promotions using discount voucher codes accepted within the shopping basket.