Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce
The Inrax stock system is designed for ease of configuration while giving maximum flexibility. Inrax has full multi-location support and excellent pricing control. Should you choose to use Inrax ecommerce, your web shop is directly integrated with the stock system. Read more by clicking on the headings below.
Stock items and stock groups
Inrax allows a business to organise its stock items or products into a hierarchy of stock groups.
Stock item web content
The stock system stores the content for each product item to be displayed in ecommerce.
Multiple web sites and stock
An Inrax organisation can set up multiple web sites. B2B and B2C, or simple webstore.
OLAP reporting
Inrax offer a version of online analytical reporting of sales by product, customer, geography, time and other criteria.
Stock taking
All stock details can be uploaded in batches. This makes stock taking a breeze.
Multiple price lists
Have as many price lists as you like.
FIFO, LIFO, or average cost
Stock valuation models supported in Inrax.
Multiple locations
Inrax controls stock over multiple locations. This is normally a feature of more expensive systems.
Subscriptions - Service Periods
Stock can be assigned "service periods" which give individual sales an active date range, applicable for sales of subscriptions and other services.