Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce
Inrax is an excellent choice for running your accounts, for managing your stock or for creating a web shop. Working together, the combination of these features makes a compelling integrated solution. Read more by clicking on the headings below.
Efficient online sales
If your ecommerce site is successful, that is the point at which you discover whether your back office and fulfilment are efficient.
Bricks and clicks
Most established SMEs and even startups trade offline as well as on the web. Online and offline sales need a back office integrated in real time.
Yes, but what about the content?
Ecommerce packages seldom pay more than lip service to the need for a commercial web site to manage content not directly related to the product catalogue.
Use one part of Inrax now, the rest when ready
Inrax covers three application areas: web site building and ecommerce; website building and content management; and online accounting. Each may be used separately or together as an integrated whole.
I have an accounting system now
Inrax can be used as a standalone shopping cart, but you should think hard about the benefits of Inrax real time integrated accounts.