Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce
Web site content should not be under control of web developers, it should be under your control. Inrax allows site owners to add new web pages, menus and page content. Read more by clicking on the titles below.
Separate content and design
Inrax makes it easy to separate content from design, use standards based html, and make use of cascading style sheets.
Professional designers
Professional designers may use Inrax as a tool to implement web sites with or without ecommerce.
Inrax web pages
Inrax web pages define the navigation menu, and allow placement of web material and articles.
Editors and contributors
Inrax allows editors and contributors to control work flow and how material or stories are added to a site.
Article categories and folders
Article categories are used in Inrax to organise the listing of articles. Article folders are used to store articles.
Inrax provides an article manager for user friendly content management. No need to learn html.
Multiple web sites
Inrax supports multiple web sites for a single business or organisation.
The Inrax search covers both articles and products.
File uploads
The Inrax file upload capability may be used to load content for the web site.