Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax for Business Startups

An ASP solution for a new business is attractive and Inrax is a case in point. Inrax is a sophisticated application using the sort of technology which only the larger organisation can afford to host themselves. A new business using Inrax has no capital investment in expensive software and never has to pay to upgrade to new versions later on.

Inrax is unusual in not charging for additional users, only for additional use of resources. As the new business grows new users may be added without incurring additional licence fees.

Inrax can be used securely from anywhere. The start up business can make its business system available to its accountants off site, again at no extra licencing cost. The entrepreneur can access Inrax from home as well as work.

An ASP solution such as Inrax takes the complexity of managing software and safeguarding data away from the startup and allows concentration on building the new business instead.

Inrax is a powerful and comprehensive application which really is priced for the small business.