Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax for Bookkeepers or Farm Secretaries

Bookkeepers often provide their services to a number of small businesses. A key advantage with Inrax is that you can work from anywhere and do not pay extra to add users to the licence. This should allow a bookkeeping service to make fewer on site visits to the customer's site, especially if they can organise for the customer to scan source documents up into Inrax for use off site.

Many bookkeepers are in the front line when it comes to keeping a client's software working. So a managed solution in which the client's software is always up to date and the data always backed up off site should make the bookkeeping service more productive.

With Inrax, bookkeepers have several ways to add value to their service. If their clients' products and services are well organinsed on Inrax, they can provide sophisticated analytical reports on sales and margins. Such OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) reports can segment customers, products, and sales geography over time to answer such questions as: "find me the 30 best ..........". In addition the bookkeeper can design general financial reporting in Inrax for the specific needs of the client.

Bookkeepers can mould the look and feel of the user interface for their Inrax clients. This allows a measure of own branding of the accounting service. When combined with the use of template organisations, aspects of client administration can be centralised so that key data is only changed once for all clients using the template. A good example of this would be to hold the current VAT rates at the template level, where change is propagated immediately to all users. Other such examples include some aspects of general ledger account layout, and common supplier data.

If the client base warrants it, Meier Pollard can run a server and database dedicated to your bookkeeping service. This enhances your ability to rebadge our service as your own.