Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.15

04 Apr 2006
  1. The Financial Reports design tool has been enhanced to allow display of period opening and closing balances as well as period movements.
  2. Financial Reports may now include embedded variables within text sections, allowing values to be drawn from the accounts.
  3. Inrax web site article and product listings are now laid out using DIV structures instead of TABLEs. This allows multi-column product / article listing display.
  4. Article listings may now be placed within the right hand column of web sites, either on every page or specific pages.
  5. Amounts may now be displayed with a Euro symbol.
  6. Stock items now have a separate Supplier Reference field, used in purchase paperwork.
  7. The Service Period panel within transaction edit windows now has a Recalculate button to reset the service period dates based on the transaction date field.
  8. The Letter writing tool now has the option to select a Web Site in order to use paperwork headers applicable to that web site.
  9. The Web Site editor now allows the customer checkout note label, "Note / alternate delivery address" to be set to any chosen text.
  10. The Web Page editor has a new section for defining page header content, including title, description and any arbitrary HTML.
  11. Drop In HTML now has several new locations where HTML may be added to sites for customisation.