Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.17

15 Jun 2006
  1. Inrax web sites now support digital download purchases, automatically making one or more digital file available for download by the customer immediately on puchase.
  2. Inrax web site URLs are now presented in a more user-friendly and search engine-friendly format, assisting with search engine optimisation (SEO). This is achieved by including stock item, web page and article names within the URL. The new URLs are fully backward compatible, so any old URL bookmarks or existing search engine indexes will still work, but will be redirected to the new URL.
  3. Drop-ship ordering is now further supported with the ability to "Derive Drop Ship Purchase Order" from a Sales Order. This copies the SO to a new PO, includes the customer address as a Note on the PO, adds the SO reference to the PO description and includes any notes from the SO in the PO.
  4. There is now an ad-hoc on-account payment facility within the My Account area for users logged in to an Inrax web site. Customers may initiate a card payment to the web site owner for any amount they choose.
  5. The web page title for a stock item More Info page can now be set within the web tab of the Stock Item editor. The default title is now the stock item description plus " buy at " plus the web site trading name. This should assist web shops with search engine optimisation.
  6. The email field may now be made optional on web site checkout, supporting situations where customers are not always expected to have an email address.
  7. Inrax web sites may now have their own telephone number assigned to them, used on paperwork relating to that web site.
  8. Payment transactions have been given an optional Web Site field to allow them to be associated with a web site and allowing a remittance advice to show the paperwork header/footer for the web site.
  9. Web pages that show a group of stock items within a "product family" may now be set to show prices in the listing page as "From £XX.XX" as before, or now to simply show the maximum price in the family.
  10. Organisations may now have a separate Notification Organisation specifically for sending remittance advice notifications.
  11. The Bank Reconciliation facility has been given a makeover and made easier to use. There is a new running Balance field to reconcile with the printed bank statement as each item is ticked off during the reconciliation.
  12. Excel (XLS) format report exports have been greatly improved so that they now reflect very closely the original layout of the report as seen in the report viewer.