Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 4.0

13 Feb 2004
  1. Inrax now incorporates a complete web shop solution including easy integration of order payments with WorldPay.
  2. Web orders result in the immediate generation of Sales Order email sent out to the customer.
  3. Web Sites support customer sign up to a mailing list and many other new features; please refer to the User Manual for details.
  4. Notification to counterparties of completed transactions is now controlled by transaction type within General Settings.
  5. The counterparty reference is now shown against each transaction listed within a Payment Made transaction report (Remittance Advice) and also within the Payment Made entry window to help with picking the transactions that were paid.
  6. There is a new Raw Reporting facility, initially with one report to extract the stock movement history of a stock item by location.