Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.6

20 Jun 2005
  1. Visitors of Inrax-generated web sites may now log in to a "My Account" area which supports update of customer details, access to restricted pages of the web site and use of different price lists for products, controlled by customer group.
  2. Upload files may now be moved between Inrax upload folders, individually or in batches.
  3. Bank reconciliation transfers from payment to bank accounts may now be saved independently of saving the reconciliation itself. This allows a reconciliation to be abandoned without having to abandon the transferred amounts.
  4. Support added for aggregated hierarchical reporting across multiple locations in the stock item browse window and stock reports.
  5. Improved browsing of organisations held within customer groups.
  6. Improved as-you-type Find on all browse windows.
  7. Stock reports will now optionally hide zero stock rows, helping to reduce the length of long reports.
  8. Change to naming of accounts, stock groups, upload folders and article folders as presented within option menu fields. The item name is now displayed before, instead of after, the parent item name. This makes it easier to use the auto-completion when typing values into these fields. This results in different ordering, but the double click option is still available to pick from a more structured browse list of items.