Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 3.5

06 Nov 2003
  1. Transactions may now have a text note added; the note is displayed on the printed transaction.
  2. Transactions now have a Counterparty Ref. field; this is included on printed reports after a "Your Ref." label.
  3. The number of units currently in stock is now shown for the current stock item within the transaction entry window along with price discount over RRP if relevant; an option is available to show discount over RRP on printed transactions.
  4. New General Settings option to prevent popup warnings about stock going into negative stock levels.
  5. New General Settings option to allow child organisations to edit or add data owned by a parent template organisation.
  6. Delivery Methods now have options for pricing orders in excess of defined delivery price bands.
  7. Many enhancements to eCommerce capabilities, improving layout flexibility.