Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.19

31 Oct 2006
  1. Stock groups may now have custom fields assigned to them allowing different sets of stock items to hold values for user-defined fields applicable to their stock group. For example, you may choose to add fields for Colour, Width, Height etc. Custom fields may be imported as part of a stock item XML import.
  2. Stock items may now be exported in XML format as a batch, giving a round-trip import/export capability for stock.
  3. Financial and OLAP reports now have a new filter to report on transactions from a single chosen web site.
  4. Multiple purchase orders may now be derived from a single sales order where the sales order contains stock with more than one usual supplier; one purchase order is opened for each of the suppliers.
  5. Inrax web sites have a new form capability to allow form submissions to be emailed to the web site owner, allowing visitor enquiry and other forms to be included within web sites.