Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.10

02 Nov 2005
  1. PayPal has been integrated as an additional option for handling payments from an Inrax ecommerce web site.
  2. Recommended Retail Prices may now be displayed within web sites. Price labelling is now configurable.
  3. Inrax transactions now hold the web site with which they are associated, if any. This may be set/edited manually within transaction editors and is set automatically for online purchases.
  4. All Inrax reports have an additional export option to generate an HTML version of the report.
  5. Financial reports may now include page breaks inserted within the report design tool.
  6. Trial Balance reports have been optimised to run faster.
  7. Analytical Reports have been removed as of this release, please use Financial Reports instead.
  8. User Settings now has extended options for the Initial Transaction Load setting.