Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 3.2

01 Aug 2003
  1. A product catalogue can be created for display within your Inrax web site. The catalogue includes products grouped into a category hierarchy with prices and optionally product images and "more info" pages for individual products. Each category and product may be presented in the style of your choosing using embedded html. A cascading style sheet, the most flexible means of defining the overall style of a site, is used to control fonts, colours, spacing and other effects.
  2. Web sites have a new status of BUILD which allows you to get instant visual feedback within a browser of how your site appears whilst making content and product changes within Inrax.
  3. Uploaded files may now be edited directly online rather than having to edit offline and upload the changes. This is invaluable to a web designer, giving fast turnaround when tweaking web content.
  4. All web site pages, including catalogue pages are now fully bookmarkable and spiderable (meaning that your product pages can be referenced by Google and friends).
  5. OLAP Sales Report - can now also use a Customer Group filter when reporting on Customers allowing the reports to be run for any set of customers you choose to define.