Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.24

02 Apr 2007
  1. The Web Dispatch Interface is accessible via the My Account area within your web site(s). Warehouse staff and suppliers, in particular drop-ship suppliers, can log in to view orders for dispatch and to record dispatch events.
  2. Partial order dispatch is supported, allowing available stock to be sent for an order and the remainder to be dispatched separately.
  3. Goods transactions are automatically created within Inrax following web dispatch events, giving feedback of warehouse/supplier activity, assisting with order tracking.
  4. Dispatch organisations can be assigned flexibly to stock groups and stock items.
  5. Multiple dispatch organisations are supported in a single order; for example part of an order may be met by your own stock and part from one or more drop-ship suppliers.
  6. Dispatch transactions can be filtered by stock availability, pre-payment and pre-authorisation.
  7. The interface includes features to prevent duplicate dispatch of the same order.