Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 2.5

28 Feb 2003
  1. Organisations now have a "Person" toggle so that you can distinguish between types of counterparties (company/organisation or person).
  2. The Contact field in the Organisation window has been split into Title + Initials or First Name + Surname. When marked as a Person, the contact name can be used to automatically name the Organisation (surname first for better sorting).
  3. You may now define a Salutation field for the contact which determines how the contact should be addressed; this presently used in the Letter editor.
  4. Organisations may have any number of alternative contact details defined so that you can hold details for many individuals within a single counterparty business.
  5. Notification paperwork can now be sent to an address other than the main address held for an Organisation by picking a Notify Organisation.
  6. XML Import now supported for Organisations
  7. XML Import performance has been improved by allowing batching of records.