Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 2.4

19 Feb 2003
  1. The Import Data button will appear within the Activities folder when enabled in the Access Group editor. Stock Group and Stock Item data types are supported for import, other data types will come in later releases. The import procedure and import file formats are defined in detail within the Inrax User Manual.
  2. Stock Items have an additional field called "Bin" found under the "Stock by Location" tab in the Stock Item window. This may be used to enter the reference of a bin (or container/place) where the stock item is located. This has been added to support businesses that need information for "picking" stock items from a warehouse or store room.
  3. The Stock Item Browse window columns have changed, removing Cost Price and Value (which can be obtained from reports) and adding the new Bin value (see item 2 above).