Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 2.3

31 Jan 2003
  1. This feature allows you to upload files to the Inrax server which could include scanned invoices and other supporting documentation, any information you wish to share with other users at different locations within your organisation or any documents that would benefit from off-site backup. File Uploads must be enabled within the Access Group editor and are then accessible via a new button in your Activities folder. The files can be managed in a hierarchy of upload folders, each of which may be given their own access permissions to control who can see the files, who can upload new files and who can download existing files. You can easily see how much online disk space is being used by all of your uploads.
  2. Transactions entered with a blank description now result in a warning, giving you the opportunity to cancel the save and enter a description.
  3. Text entered into option menus is now auto-expanded in a case-insensitive manner.