Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.26

02 Jun 2007
  1. Google Checkout is a fast and convenient way for your customers to provide their delivery and payment details for completing a purchase. Inrax supports Google Checkout with full integration; customer details and orders appear within Inrax automatically.
  2. Google Checkout is secure and convenient for customers as their card details, card address and delivery address are entered once only to Google and do not need to be entered again for each purchase at any web site where Google Checkout is supported.
  3. By supporting Google Checkout on your Inrax web site, you are permitted by Google to have a Google Checkout icon displayed within Google adverts which should make adverts for early adopters stand out from the crowd. There are also incentives available to have reduced or zero cost card processing costs when your customers pay via Google.