Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.32

23 Nov 2007
  1. Previously the affects of stock journal and stock value changes could only be observed in the general ledger report. Now, the full history of stock journal and valuation adjustment transactions may be browsed. New options must be selected within the Access Group editor to enable these.
  2. Delivery Methods applied to purchases (for calculating inward carriage costs automatically) can now be refined to reflect the chosen carriage in a sales transaction for drop-ship purchases.
  3. Transaction edit/view windows now show the user and date/time of creation or last edit in the title bar.
  4. Web orders copied to the web site owner's email address can now optionally include small attachments of the product images to give a quick visual view of what was purchased. This can be switched on/off within the Web Site editor.