Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.35

30 May 2008
  1. The generic web enquiry forms used on Inrax web sites have been given a boost in functionality. These forms allow you to extract prospective customer enquiry details and to record these details directly into Inrax as new customer/prospect records. The enquiry information is recorded in the Notes section of the Inrax customer record and can reflect responses to any questions that you may wish to present within the form. Customers may be added to one or more customer groups for every enquiry (a prospect's group for example) or for customers who choose to opt in (mailing lists for example). The submitted details are emailed to the web site owner as an alert that a new enquiry has arrived. Additional features are covered in the Inrax user manual.
  2. Wherever text/html is supplied for Inrax content, such as in product descriptions or articles, it is now possible to include embedded variables. When the web pages are displayed, the variables are resolved dynamically to present the required information. Currently that can be the latest selling price of a stock item or the content of an upload file. The stock price variables are useful where you want to mention the price of a stock item within your general text and need that price to always reflect your current selling price. The file inclusion allows you to define some repeated descriptive text/html once and to include it in many places, such as mentioning the guarantee conditions on many product "more info" pages. When changes are needed, they can be made in one place only making maintenance more efficient.