Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.14

10 Feb 2006
  1. The Financial Reports design tool has been enhanced to support improved layout/style and cross-referenced accounting notes, suitable for building year-end statutory account reports.
  2. Customised paperwork header and footer images may now be supplied, used in printed transactions, customer statements and letters. Where an organisation runs multiple web sites, paperwork may be customised individually for each web site.
  3. Web Sites may now be assigned a "Trading Name", used when emailing customers/suppliers.
  4. Google analytics provides statistics linking Google Adwords to converted sales, allowing for tuning of adverts to maximise ROI. Inrax web sites now support the feedback of sales data to Google Analytics.
  5. The Stock Report has been given additional filters for displaying only stock within OPEN sales/purchase orders or to only display products that are currently in stock.
  6. Stock Journals may now be annotated with a descriptive text.
  7. Service Period default length may now be defined in terms of days, weeks, months or years.
  8. Printed transactions now show the start/end dates of any Service Period that is associated with items in the transaction.
  9. New option to Email Suppliers for drop-shipping sales orders where the suppliers are determined automatically from the Usual Suppliers assigned to the stock in an order.
  10. PROTX credit card payment processing option added, supporting the PROTX simulator and test modes.
  11. Article External Links have a new option to be opened in a separate popup browser window.
  12. Web site shopping carts have a new option to support self-certified VAT exemption by customers.
  13. The number of selected transactions is now shown in the title bar of transaction browse windows.
  14. Organisation editors have a new field for editing customer web site passwords.