Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.42

20 Mar 2009
  1. Sales Credit Notes may now be derived from a Sales Invoice for faster entry. Similarly Purchase Credit Notes may be derived from Purchase Invoices.
  2. Purchase Credit Notes may also be derived directly from a Sales Invoice, an action that companies operating a drop-ship sales model may benefit from. One or more credit notes are created with the default cost prices for each supplier of stock within the sales invoice.
  3. The Inrax organisation login name is now shown in the title bar of every Inrax window, assisting users who have muliple businesses to manage. It is also now possible to set the general backwash colour for windows for a user's login; again assisting with managing multiple businesses or multiple users within one business.
  4. The Sales/Purchase Order reference is now automatically passed forward into the description of later stage transactions that are derived from those orders (goods out/in, sales/purchase invoices, payment received/made). This allows easier searching within browse windows of any transaction based on the original order number.