Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.54

26 Apr 2010
  1. A new Print Address Label option has been added for applying to Inrax customer, supplier and other Organisations. It is configured within User Settings.
  2. The Transaction browse window now has a new sub-menu within the Selected menu for applying actions (such as Print Address Label) directly on the Counterparty, without having to first open that Counterparty in the Organisation editor.
  3. There is a new Copy Address to Clipboard option also in the Organisation's Selected menu, allowing full addresses to be copied for pasting outside of Inrax, such as into emails.
  4. There is a new Write Letter To... option on the Organisation's Selected menu which opens the Letter editor primed for that Organisation.
  5. The Letter editor has been enhanced, including the addition of a Template field for selecting pre-created bodies for letters which can then be edited.
  6. The Letter Signature defaults to that configured in User Settings. This can now be multi-line by the embedding of \n in the text to force new lines.