Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.73

16 Nov 2012
  1. It is now possible to set the Bin field for all Stock Items in a Stock Group in one go using a new facility accessed from the Selected (right click) menu of the Stock Group browse window.
  2. The Stock Group report has a new option to Group By Bin, so that the report can form a picking list in bin order for walking around a warehouse to pick or check stock.
  3. The Stock Group report's filter for displaying stock contained within open Sales Orders has been enhanced to take account of stock dispatch rules and only display stock in Sales Orders that are ready for dispatch. Dispatch rules are set via Dispatch Organisations that are linked to Stock Items / Stock Groups. For example, a dispatch rule may state that an order has to be Paid or Authorised (see user manual for full options).