Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax Release 5.3

30 Sep 2004
  1. Transaction data mining means that from the browse window of many data types you may pull up all related transactions. For example, for any chosen customer or supplier, quickly view all past transactions involving that counterparty. For any stock item, view all transactions which include that stock item. Also supported for Accounts, Vat Codes, Payment Modes and Payment Terms.
  2. Inrax Web Pages now have additional options for how/whether to display details of current stock levels and whether to permit orders in stockout cases.
  3. The Cancel Transaction facility has been extended to Goods In, Goods Out, Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoice transaction types, allowing simpler automatic reversal of erroneous stock changes and account movements.
  4. Extended support for multi-location (for example multi-branch) operation. Additional location based reports will follow in a later release.
  5. Separate Delivery Methods may now be defined for each web site for multi-web site organisations.
  6. Added Vertical Layout options to web site product listing and More Info pages.