Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Security & Application Privacy

Inrax has comprehensive and robust security for client software delivered over the net. The client needs a valid login including the server address, organisation name, user name, and password (always transmitted in encrypted form).

Communications support https secure sockets layer, the web standard secure encryption for all traffic passing between client and server.

If the customer chooses, only PCs on a predefined list of MAC addresses can be configured to gain access. The MAC address of a PC is its unique hardware identifier; it can be spoofed, but in order to do so the MAC address of an authorised computer would have to be known (along with the other login details and password).

Inrax is built on an industrial strength framework of applications using Apple WebObjects technology (used in iTunes). All communication with the server is received via the Apache Web Server, the most widely used and secure web server. There is no direct access to applications or database, other than via web server requests.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the server hosting, the dominant provider for secure online hosting of business systems. AWS provides separate physical zones across which data is replicated and Inrax makes use of this redundancy to safeguard user data by at least triple replication.

Any data helding within your Inrax account, including organisations you trade with and transaction data, is treated in strictest confidence and will never be shared with any third party. Inrax staff will have access only for the purposes of maintenance and support.