Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce
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Full featured accounting

The accounting works with stock control to cover all the processes from ordering goods, receiving them, paying for them, selling them and getting paid for them. VAT control and reporting is covered. There is a cleverly designed bank reconciliation module. The general ledger layout is hierarchical and in plain English - no more nominal codes. Multiple methods of payment and multiple bank accounts are supported. Credit terms for customers or suppliers are user definable, and are backed up by reports for control of each ledger.

The product positioning of Inrax accounting is broadly equivalent to Sage line 100 and other similar products. However it is multi user, includes built in ecommerce and web content management, which work together as a single application in real time.

A full description of the extensive accounting features of Inrax is available in the manual whch can be downloaded from this site. A bit more detail than here is in the document Inrax at a Glance, also available for download.