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Upload documents and files

Inrax supports the ability to upload files into an online directory structure. Each directory is subject to a read/write permission scheme which you define.

File uploads are used for several purposes in Inrax. In the accounting context it allows you to scan and upload accounting source documents, such as purchase invoices. These are then available for other remote users. This means your bookkeeper does not have to work where the documents are held. It means your accountant or auditor can have access to the documents to produce management or statutory accounts.

Document uploads are important for business security. By scanning and uploading accounting source documents, you start to put in place a disaster recovery plan. Often a business will fail after, for example, a fire, not through lack of insurance, but because access to key documents has been lost. An advantage of Inrax online accounting is that you can place all key documents safely online, where your ASP's backup strategy can ensure future availability.