Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Work smart

An efficient back office is important in any business, but is especially important to an SME where staff resources are typically at such a premium. Inrax has been designed to automate your work flow as much as possible.

When you start to type in a customer's or supplier's details, Inrax will attempt to anticipate which counterparty you mean. Often two or three keystrokes will pull up the correct entry.

Where information is already known, it is reused. If a sales order is met in full on a goods out, then you just derive the goods out from the sales order. Deriving one transaction from another is a feature of Inrax which cuts down on work, and reduces errors. It is necessary to support efficient back office automation of ecommerce.

Where it is known that the issue of an invoice implies payment received, then the payment is automatically generated from the invoice. This is usually the case for payments received over the web.

Often one transaction is very like another. In this case Inrax allows you to copy the earlier transaction, and just make the minor modifications necessary to cover the new one.

Inrax includes numerous other small features of its user interface which are designed to cut and automate workflow.