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Templates and inheritance

Inrax makes extensive use of the concept of inheritance. When setting up a new Inrax organisation for an SME, you can choose to start from scratch or inherit settings and account layout from an existing template organisation. Inheritance within Inrax is dynamic, so that changes in the parent reflect in the children automatically.

A template organisation will not necessarily control all aspects of a new Inrax organisation. The template can be added to, to reflect items which are specific the new organisation, such as bank accounts. In addition you can override inheritance in most cases for specific fine grained variations on the original template.

Inheritance is used within the stock control system. Stock items inherit settings from their stock group, which avoids the need to enter settings stock item by item. However the settings for an individual stock item can override those inherited from the stock group.

Templates may be used and maintained by groups of like minded organisations. Examples might be: a cooperative of farmers; clients of an accounting practice; or clients of a bookkeeping practice.