Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax designers and users

Inrax seeks to avoid defining rigid templates in advance, which limit the design of the web store. The main items which are placed in advance are a site banner and a navigation menu. Otherwise the designer is free to place html material, links and images wherever needed. Such material can be uploaded into Inrax or cut and pasted from a design tool.

Within Inrax the site look and feel is controlled by an extensible cascading style sheet. Inrax defines certain CSS classes, but the designer is free to add more to meet particular display needs. This is a modern standards based approach to site design.

All this gives the professional designer considerable freedom of design, but does not necessarily meet the needs of the non technical user unless he is willing to learn these skills. Inrax offers the non technical user the ability to control the content displayed for each product item using a simple form in the stock record to enter text and images. This allows an end user to maintain a site within a given design framework without constant recourse to a professional designer.

For the non technical end user willing to have a go at design, clear instructions are given in the Inrax manual. It is easy to put up a reasonably complex site if you do not wish to explore the wilder frontiers of web design. In fact if you want to sell products rather than win design awards, it is usually better to choose a simple design without excessive graphics or other slow loading material.