Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Multiple web stores or shopping carts

There are many reasons why an SME or other organisation might want to run more than one web site against a single accounting system. At its simplest you may want to separate your trade from your retail customers. However you may have products within the same business which address entirely different types of customer. Meier Pollard have a customer who sells separately to the DIY car repair and the garden machinery markets. In addition, the same stock may be presented differently in different markets: most angling bait can also be sold as bird feed.

Inrax allows a business to run many web sites against their single back office online accounting. Each site may have a separate price list and payment terms. The site content may be reused, in whole or in part, or be completely independent. The sites may use a single CSS to control the look and feel of all sites, or use many different CSSs for different effects.

An Inrax organisation may set themselves up as a fulfillment agency for multiple suppliers who wish to trade online. In this guise, the Inrax organisation uses the multiple web sites to give each supplier their "own" site. In the back office the suppliers are just that, controlled as normally through the purchase ledger and stock system.