Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Separate content and design

Most ecommerce packages make use of some sort of template, which typically limits the design you can implement. Professional designers will be unable to do much with the template, and your site will look pedestrian.

In contrast Inrax makes as few assumptions about the the design of the site as possible. It is assumed there will be a banner at the top the home page repeated throughout the site. It is assumed navigation will be to the left of the page. However these assumptions can be overridden. The rest of the content can be any valid html.

All display attributes such as colour or type face are controlled from a cascading style sheet (CSS) supplied with Inrax. In addition to controlling items which are defined within Inrax, the CSS can be extended by the designer to include new classes. Careful use of the CSS will allow control of the style of most content, including such items as tables.

Inrax will of course accept html from any source, but experience has shown that most WYSIWYG design tools produce verbose html which does not conform with emerging html standards. Whether you choose to use such tools is up to you.