Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Professional designers

Inrax makes the minimum of assumptions about the web layout necessary to achieve ecommerce, if ecommerce is required. Essentially the assumptions are just that the navigation will be to the left and there will be a banner (which you design) across the top of the site. However these assumptions can be overridden. At most points throughout the site, within the product pages, and in the product items you are free to write whatever html you want and display whatever images you want.

From the professional designer's point of view, Inrax can be viewed as a tool to implement web sites with or without ecommerce. The designer can give the non technical end user a measure of control by giving them access to the Inrax "articles" functionality, so as to be able to vary content within the overall design. In the ecommerce setting the non technical user may edit product details as they are displayed on the web site.