Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Editors and contributors

Material for the web site is organised into folders, each of which have a level of access permission. This allows work to be organised according to the role of the individual.

In smaller businesses one individual may do everything. However even SMEs may make use of a designer, someone to load content and product details, as well as the controller of the web site within the SME. So there is the scope for a separation of roles in even the smallest business.

There are an unlimited number of ways of organising access and permissions. However a common strategy might be to have separate permissions for a designer, an editor, and contributors. The designer would have wide permissions to control the site. The editor would control where and how articles are displayed, and so would have permissions over articles, article styles, and article categories. A contributor might just have permission to upload a file to a specified folder, or write an article directly in a single article folder.