Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce


Inrax includes a full article manager suitable for a news site, for writing FAQs, press releases, listing links, and other information. In fact an Inrax site need contain no ecommerce at all, and be a plain news site.

Articles include simple controls to order the display of images in the headline or body text, headlines, story intros, bylines, picture catchlines, pictures, links, and dates and time. Stories are ordered by setting the date and time, so that the "newest" story displays first in the article folder.

Articles are displayed within categories, and can be moved from category to category by changing the folder in which they are held. For instance one category might be a story archive for older material, into whose folder older material is moved. Article categories may be for display or not for display. So categories can be set up in advance of publication and removed from publication on the fly.

Article folders are used to store articles. Articles may be moved from folder to folder so as to control work flow. Moving an article into a folder used by a displayed article category publishes that article on the web site. Moving it again out of that folder into one which is not displayed removes it from publication.

Articles have one of a number of predefined styles. Additonal styles may be added by a designer. Styles define the look and feel of the article, including typography and colours.