Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Inrax web pages

The first job which Inrax web pages perform is to define their place in the navigation menu hierachy. If a web page has no parent its menu entry or name appears on the home page navigation menu. Giving a page a parent allows it to appear further into the web site. Moving a page around the site is as simple as giving it a new parent, and all children of the page will move too.

Inrax web pages allow the display of content. Content may be raw html, links, and images, which can be cut and pasted from a design tool or hand coded. This gives maximum flexibility to professional designers. However for non technical users content can be maintained in the form of articles, and an Inrax web page can display a single article or an article category full of articles.

Inrax web pages are used to define the product catalogue for ecommerce. See more under FEATURES: Ecommerce.