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Subscriptions - Service Periods

Service period default values may be recorded by stock group or by stock item, allowing individual sales to have an active date period to be associated with them. For example, you may sell 12 month subscriptions to a publication or a service. Inrax will record the period start and end date for each sale and allow you to be notified when a subscription is within a chosen number of days of expiry.

Subscription-type sales may be made via an Inrax web site and extensions to an active subscription are supported, allowing a renewal to be purchased prior to expiry of a current subscription to extend the subsctiption period.

Counterparties purchasing stock with service periods may be automatically assigned to a chosen Inrax Customer Group during the active service period time, then automatically removed from this Customer Group on expiry and moved into a new expiry Customer Group. This allows you to manage active and expired subscribers as a whole, useful when sending email circulars for example.