Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Multiple web sites and stock

Inrax stock control and accounting allows a business to centralise accounting for multiple webstores. There are several commercial situations in which this can be useful. An obvious example is where an SME wants to sell the same stock on different terms to retail and trade (wholesale) customers.

However Inrax does allow for some more complicated situations. For instance a single Inrax organisation can do the order fulfilment for multiple client web sites. Imagine a group of small scale high quality food producers, each with their own web site but with orders filled centrally. Each food producer becomes a supplier to the central organisation and managed like any other.

This sort of arrangement can be particularly useful if there is some sort of joint marketing benefit. For instance the central organisation may run its own site promoting high quality foods in general, providing a showcase in which the individual producers can advertise their site.