Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Stock items and stock groups

Organisations, SMEs, businesses of any kind with more than a few products to sell need a way to manipulate stock items en masse. Inrax allows the user to define a hierarchy of stock groups. Many settings for individual stock items can be inherited as a default from ancestors in the stock group hierarchy.

Stock groups are particularly useful when it comes to maintaining price lists, because a price formula can be applied at the group level to all stock items. If individual stock items need to apply a different formula, these exceptions can be handled on an individual basis.

Often there is a need to maintain costs and retail prices for hundreds of products from a single supplier. An example would be the current prices of parts from a mower manufacturer. Usually manufacturers supply a price list in some computer format. Inrax allows stock information to be uploaded in an XML format. Provided the user can prepare the manufacturer data in this format, the new prices can be uploaded and updated automatically.

This is more fully explained in the manual.