Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

I have an accounting system now

Most businesses already run an accounting system, and a majority of SMEs in the UK use Sage. Most standalone accounting systems have not been designed to deal with ecommerce. At best they will accept a file load of batches of orders gathered from an online shopping cart. Inrax can operate this way too.

However as your web site becomes successful, you will come to realise that this method of operation leads to a lot of extra work to maintain the back office accounting processes. This places especial strain on a small business with limited staff resources.

Inrax accounting is part of the ecommerce application. For most organisations it will be easier to move to Inrax accounting for online and offline sales. Inrax provides extensive facilities for data take on to make it easy to move from your old system. Customers, suppliers, product lines, and accounting balances are all easily loaded from files defined in an XML format published on the Inrax web site.