Online Accounting with Integrated Ecommerce

Use one part of Inrax now, the rest when ready

SMEs, startups, and non profit organisations may well start by using a single aspect of Inrax. For instance the immediate need may be for an accounting system. A start up business can implement Inrax online accounting, in the knowledge that a later requirement for a web store can be met within Inrax. This avoids the inefficiencies of a standalone webstore.

An SME which already has accounting but needs a shopping cart or web shop can implement Inrax and import orders from Inrax into the accounting system. This is far from ideal as an efficient way to handle the back office, but does defer a decision to use Inrax accounting until the business is sure online sales are successful. At that point it will have become apparent that online and offline sales need a common accounting system.

Inrax site building and content management is suitable for web sites which, at least intially, are mainly news sites. This makes use of Inrax effective for such applications as parish magazines, special interest groups such as a local branch of an organisation, school web sites, and trade organisations. Many of these may develop the need to sell online or do accounting, in which case Inrax is there for them. For instance many parishes support sale of "fair trade" goods, and some schools develop commercial web sites.